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  • “Wonderful Indonesia" at the 37th International Tourism Fair in Belgrade

    The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia will traditionally participate at the 37th International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, which will be held from 19 to 22 February. Last year, Indonesia participated with a great success as a country-partner at the 36th Belgrade Tourism International Fair.

    This year, with the theme "Wonderful Indonesia", the rich culture of the most populous and most extensive country in South East Asia will be promoted at the embassy’s stand (Hall 1). The all parts of Indonesia, from the westernmost region of Aceh on Sumatra island, to the eastern part of the province of Papua will be presented.

  • "Different faces of Indonesia"

    After a very successful, visited and meaningful series of lectures at the City Library in 2013, the Belgrade City Library has organized yet another cooperation with the Serbo-Indonesian Friendship society "Nusantara" by organizing on the 12 of February the evening "Different Faces of Indonesia" in the Roman Hall Library, dedicated to the traveler, writer and political scientists Jasmina Kuka.

    Last year, Jasmine learned a lot by traveling around Southeast Asia and, for the first time, visiting Indonesia. She saw, learned, experienced, heard, tasted and found many new experiences. She expected the turquoise blue sea, coral reefs, impassable jungles and interesting wildlife. She awaited the meeting of centuries’ history and tradition, with fascinating temples and world cultural heritage. She hoped for wonderful food, mystical music and famous Indonesian shadow games. She knew long trips were ahead of her, but also traces of natural disasters.


    The newspaper Danas on Friday 14th November 2014, published appendix about Indonesia, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Yugoslavia and Serbia with Indonesia. Appendix was a cooperation editorial newspaper Danas and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.

    In appendix on the eight page gives an overview of cooperation between the two countries through the history of the Non-Aligned Movement, visit statesmen and various delegations. Readers have the opportunity to read and to be informed about this cooperation in the past, and its plans in the future.

  • Atmosphere trends in Indonesian graphic design, illustration and photography

    In partnership with creative web portal Grafis Masa Kini (Indonesia Contemporary Graphic) from Indonesia (, Belgrade based art production company 80|10, made an open call for all interested Indonesian visual artists-graphic designers, photographers and illustrators to present their artworks that should represent “new” and young Indonesian creative scene (both commercial and experimental works). Most of the artworks which will be presented to the Belgrade audience from 22-29 of September at Cultural center Parobrod, were created either for specific projects or especially for the purposes of making of this exhibition.

    Selected artists Catherine Susilo (photography and digital imaging), Haris Mustafa (graphic design-Illustration), Ines Aryaniputri (graphic design, typography, brending), ktodia Mardoko (& Haryadhi)- Belantara Studio (animation and design), Onny Renantalice (illustration & design) and Belgrade guest artist Rege Indrastudianto (graphic design, illustration) are presenting narratives that are culturally distinctive and contextualized within Indonesian cultural frame, but at the same time can easily communicate and be understood by the Serbian (European) audience.

  • The closing ceremony of the Indonesian film festival

    The projection of the documentary "Indonesia's struggle for independence, 1945-1949" ended the days of the Indonesian film festival at the Museum of Yugoslav History (MIJ) in Belgrade and closed a multi-dimensional exhibition "Travelling Comunique".

    The festival lasted from the 15th to the 17th of August, on the occasion of the 69 years of independence of the Republic of Indonesia and the 60 years of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Indonesia. The festival was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Serbia in cooperation with MIJ and the project group "Travelling Comunique". Before the first screening of the Indonesian-Dutch films "Max Havelaar", directed by Fons Rademakers, on Friday evening, the editor of the film program "Travelling Comunique" Miroljub Stojanović from the Film Center Serbia had a short but meaningful speech entitled "Positioning the Indonesian film, then and now ".

  • Celebrated 69th Indonesian Independence Day and Ramadan Bayram

    Celebration of 69 years since Indonesian Independence was processed with presence of many members of Association of Serbian-Indonesian Friendship Nusantara. It was ceremonially celebrated on the invitation of Mr. Samuel Samson, Indonesian Ambassador, in his residency, on the 17th of August 2014. The ceremony was followed by the raise of Indonesian flag.

    This year celebration of Indonesian Independence had a theme “In the spirit of Indonesian independence proclamation on the 17th of August 1945, we support the continuing governing of Indonesia after the elections 2014, in the means of its development, advancement and prosperity”.

  • Association members' excursion to Šumadijia

    In the spirit of celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Indonesia, as well as marking the 10th anniversary of the Association of Serbian-Indonesian Friendship "Nusantara", for the purpose of socialization and getting acquainted with the most important cultural, historical and natural beauties of Šumadija, the Association organized an excursion for the members and friends, on Sunday, July 6 2014.

    The tourist group visited the ethno-center "Bogićević" - KAČAR “, at Mika’s” ïn Mladenovac, complex Oplenac with the foundation of the King Petar I and the Church of St. George, the Museum Vinogradareva kuća, Karađorđe’s church and Museum, King’s winery and King’s vineyards, Risovac cave, ethno-restaurant "Divljakovac", five star hotel "Izvor", and the group had opportunity to visit Bukovicka spa by a tourist train. A special pleasure made the presence of representatives of the Association of Indonesian students in Serbia "Keris".

  • Cultural event Indonesia’s angels at bitef

    The 10 years anniversary of the group “Bidadari” was celebrated with traditional music and dance last Friday 6th of June at BITEF theater.

    The event was organized by the embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Serbia with the collaboration of BITEF theater. The performance was officially opened by the ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia Samuel Samson. The performance was composed of 3 ensembles – the traditional group “Bidadari”, the traditional music orchestra “Gamelan” and the bamboo orchestra “Angklung”. The audience also had the pleasure of enjoying the traditional music of the central and western parts of Java, the most populous island of Indonesia, as well as the beautiful dances from Bali and Sumatra.