Explore College of Tourism and Serbia

The College of Tourism was founded in 1967 and it has the longest tradition in offering career-oriented study programmes for the needs of the tourism industry in Serbia. The objective of the college is to produce graduates, who have the ability, knowledge and skills to become competent personnel in travel agencies, airlines and similar tourism related enterprises.

The training in the college lasts three years, i.e. six semesters. Upon graduation, the students acquire higher education and the diploma in Tourism Administration.

A high or secondary school leaving certificate is a necessary entry requirement.

The curriculum and syllabus of the college is adapted to the needs of companies and other organizations working in tourism industry. The graduates are trained to perform in the positions as an organization officer for work processes in organizing units, a sales specialist for national and international markets, a tour executive, a tourism marketing manager and similar positions in the tourism industry.

The college facilities include 8 amphitheatres and lecture rooms, 10 offices, Internet centre, a library and a study room, and 5 other rooms for teaching, working and other activities of teaching and other staff and the students.


The lecture rooms and other rooms for teaching are equipped with instructional aid (computers in IT rooms, foreign language rooms, OHPs, viewing screens, etc.) The library is specialized with an excellent collection of over 4000 technical books and 50 magazine and periodical titles.

Beginning this academic year, students are provided with the Internet practical education.


The National Tourism Organisation of Serbia (TOS) was founded in 1994 as a government organisation to promote and improve tourism in the Republic of Serbia in both the domestic and foreign tourism markets, with the aim of affirming the value and potential of the country’s tourist industry. TOS is the legal successor of the former Tourist Association of Serbia.

TOS activities focus on positioning Serbian tourism on the domestic and international markets and evaluating the comparative advantages of Serbia with respect to tourism, such as the country’s geographical location and historical, cultural and natural identity.

In order to implement tourism information and marketing activities in an original way, to ensure that Serbia is included on European travel itineraries and to consolidate bilateral cooperation in the field of tourism development, TOS attends all large international tourism fairs and cooperates with other national tourism organisations, as well as with other international, regional and professional tourism associations.

Besides global activities, TOS, in cooperation with town, municipal and other tourism organisations, works on improving Serbia’s range of tourism programming, developing a positive public attitude towards Serbian tourism and encouraging the local population to visit tourist destinations in Serbia. In doing so it lays the groundwork for guiding and encouraging the growth of tourism as part of Serbia’s social and economic development.

economic development. The tourism organisations of provinces, regions, towns and municipalities in Serbia harmonise their yearly programmes and promotional activities plans with the strategic marketing plans and programmes of TOS.

National tourism organisation of Serbia