Country’s Calendar of Events

Festivals in Indonesia

Being a diverse country of origins and religions, Indonesia have a good mix of cultural events, ceremonies and festivals. Come and experience the Indonesian festivals all year round, as you can see you will never be short of choices. Having population of more than 230 million people, even the ‘minorities’ of people will have large enough celebrations. Here you can find for religious events from Muslims, and then Buddhist, Christians and the rest of more local festivals, ceremonies or arts and cultural events, some celebrated by the nation while most unique to local areas or regions.

Name of Festival Date About the festival
Sekaten Fair February 15 Sekaten is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. The celebrations are usually centered around the local royal palace, or kraton.
Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival March 4-6 The Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival (JJF) is the largest jazz festival in the region, and one of the biggest in the world.
Bau Nyale March 15 The Bau Nyale festival is held in Lombok to commemorate the disappearance of a princess. Forced to choose among her suitors, the princess instead threw herself into the sea. When the townsfolk searched for the princess, they found nothing but masses of sea worms ("nyale").
Waisak May 17 Waisak is, for Indonesian Buddhists, a celebration of the Buddha's birth, death and enlightenment. On Waisak, the country's Buddhists converge on the great Buddhist monument of Borobudur, where hundreds of monks and other devotees climb the structure in single file, chanting as they march.
Bali Arts Festival June The Bali Arts Festival is a month-long showcase of Balinese culture. Each regency contributes cultural groups to perform their traditional arts: village dances, religious rituals, delicious dishes, and contemporary creative innovations by Balinese artists.
Galungan July 6-16 Galungan is the most important holiday in the Balinese religious calendar. The day marks the victory of good over evil; the Balinese also believe that their ancestors' spirits descend back to earth to visit their old homes. The ancestors are welcomed and feted by the living.
Tumpek Wayang August 26 Tumpek Wayang is a sacred holiday for traditional puppeteers in Bali. On this day, special offerings are made to the Lord of Puppeteeers, and traditional puppets (wayang) are taken out of storage and displayed.
Karapan Sapi September 1 Karapan Sapi is a bull-racing festival held in Madura Island, near Surabaya. Each race pits pairs of bulls against each other, each with one young jockey spurring them on. The finals are usually scheduled to coincide with the end of the harvest season; they are conducted at the island capital Pamekasan.

Indonesian Conference Calendar

Name of Conference Location Date
International Conference Data Mining, Civil and Mechanical Engineering-ICDMCME2015 IBIS Hotel Kuta-Bali, Indonesia 1-2 February 2015
International Conference on Biological, Civil Environmental Engineering-BCEE-2015 HOTEL KARTHI, KUTA BALI, Indonesia 3-4 February 2015

Indonesian Congress Calendar

Name of Congress Location Date
19th Congress of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology IBIS Hotel Kuta-Bali, Indonesia 13-16 November 2014
Congress APDW 2014 Bali - Asian Pacific Digestive Week Federation Bali, Indonesia 22-25 November 2014
26th Regional Congress of the ISBT, Indonesia Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia 14-16 November 2015

Indonesian Fairs

Name of Fair Location Date
International trade fair and conference for building materials and technology Bandung, West Java, Java Indonesia 22-26 October 2014
International Exhibition on Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Air Filtration & Purification and Refrigeration Systems Jakarta, Indonesia 28-30 October 2014
International trade fair for military technology Jakarta, Indonesia 5-8 November 2014
International Trade Fair for Plastics and rubber processing Jakarta, Indonesia 19-22 November 2014
International exhibition of machinery and plant engineering Jakarta, Indonesia 3-6 December 2014